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LF Hill Merchandising Service

We have our Eye on Your Bottom Line

Employee Login

In an effort to streamline payments to our Contractors and employees, LF Hill Merchandising Service now has an automated Clock IN System and Employee Portal.

There are two ways that you can clock in and out. Via the internet Portal or Via phone. To Clock IN, via the internet portal using a computer or smartphone go to click on you name and enter your password then click on Clock In or Clock Out.

Your User ID and password for this site are provided when hired or contracted. You can also use this site to check your schedule, See any task to which you have been assigned and report anything you feel we should know about your shift or send us a message. If you do not see anything scheduled or assigned task on a given day it is because you are not scheduled for any Assignments or projects that day. In the unlikely event that you have been scheduled and your assignment is still not showing up in your portal. Call Lyle or your scheduler immediately.

You can also Call toll-free 1-866-721-1085. You will be prompted for your Employee ID number which is issued to all employees and Contractors when hired. You will then be prompted for your password. The System will then Greet you by Name and ask you to press 1 to clock in and verify the time you clocked in or out.

You will use the same procedure to clock out at the end of you shift. When checking out you will be required to enter a job code which is the store number or project code you are assigned too. Remember you must clock in and out each day you perform work for us to be paid.

Payroll and Contractor Payments are based on the time clock so In the event that you forget to call in or are late for your scheduled start time, the administrator or scheduler will be notified and most likely call you to verify you are at work, however in the event you are not called or you have no set scheduled start time, you will need to contact the office to have your time manually added by a manager or you will not be paid.

If you have any questions please contact us.